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In the century, both colonial strengths, England and France won the Duello in the repeated war. In 1756-1763 battles of England, the victor has brought the decisive sovereign on world trade and colonial regions. (Werner Sombart, der Moderne Kapitalismus, S. 440f).

Although the UK military activities also decreased the effect of revolutionary France as the first military activities, and later he thought that Napoleon prevents European Hegemony efforts. First, the British dominion was taken after that. Colonial domains were shared.

The basics of the “commercial ava transformation on the black body in Africa (Karl Marx) were pursuing the workforce. The scraping of the root of the domestic population of the Caribbean was also determinant for the fate of a large portion of the Black African population. Africans were plated to fill the gap due to the destruction of the native population in America. What American Indians are in tropical areas

It is difficult to determine the meaning of the collective tendency that manages Black Africa. The data on the scope of the slave trade are not sufficient for it. At the end of the 18th century, the number of people brought to America were around 100,000. Du Bois, (W.E.B. du Bois, The Negro, P. 155), 900,000 in the 16th century, 900,000, 2,8 million in the 17th century, 7 million and 4 million in the 19th century, talk about 15 million people in 7 million and 4 million in the 19th century. Meanwhile, this data is an estimation of 20 million when the British Parliament was evaluated by 1798-1848 reports. The calculations were based on slaves only reaching America. Those who died on the road were not into account. Almost six people did not get rid of ships as a right. In addition, when the victims of the slave prey are also attended to at least 40 million people are facing the dead or live slave trade.

The first English ship leaving the guinea shores was typically “Jesus”. The captain Hawkins were looting the loads of other slave trade vessels and replaced the human burden with sugar in the caribbus. He was one of the richest traders of England shortly. The Queen I. took the title of Aristocrat from Elizabeth and the Navy was the treasure responsible. The method for the employment in Africa was successfully imitated by other commercial groups.

What did the tools of the slave trade consisted of? The European Merkewers were united to meet RLA R MERRA, and the vessels should be kept at the best of the vessels in the best in the sea to meet the risks of Tin and to split the risks of Tin. Commercials were denying the privilege of public effects until the monopoly is the monopoly state. In 1626, Rouen Cardinali Richelieu’s company is af-

asked to get into the trade in their bust. The frame was “all others had been left out”. The architect of the French Economy Minister and the Early French colonialism in Colbert, 1664 to the Cap Verde of the Cap Der Cap Der Cuten Hoffnung and the trade up to the Antilles could be monopoly for 40 years. Philosopher Voltaire did not see a negative situation in approving capital shares in commercial partnerships.

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