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The Salinger Glass has published seven stories in total and focused on Seymour, especially the largest child, especially bright but troubled.

At the beginning of the 1940s Salinger Whit Burnett, in a letter written to Burnett, it would explained that some stories want to sell the rights of cinema adaptation to be financially safe. According to Ian Hamilton, the writer was disappointed with the short story of the 1943 on the Varioni Brothers “Hollywood Rumors” without the result without a result. Therefore, in the middle of 1948, independent filmmaker Samuel Goldwyn’s bonded candid’s history in Connecticut immediately agreed to buy the film rights. According to the manager Dorothy Olding, Salinger was the hope that he was selling the story “it would turn to a good movie” but the film has received very heavy criticisms when it is in 1949. My Foolish Heart was given the name and Susan Hayward with Dana Andrews, the scenario of this film was quite different from Salinger’s history. After this bad experience, Salinger did not allow any work to tailor the film. When Brigitte Bardot wants to buy the rights of a perfect day for Banana fish, Salinger responded negatively.

(Originally called: The Catcher in the Rye), not Adnan Benk the English fact in 1967, the French version of “L’Attrape-Coeurs” Due to the indirect translation made in the book in Turkey “Catcher in the Rye” known as. Building Credit Publications Printing of the Book belongs to the enthusiastic Native and this time the Turkish name is closer to the original name: “Children in the Rye field”.

In the 1940s Salinger has explained that the short story was working on a Roman of the Young Protagonist Rebellion Off Madison, the young protagonist Holden Caulfield, was published on July 16, 1951, Little, Brown and Company. The novel had a simple subject; The sixteen-year-old Holden of the elite college was explained from the preparatory class and the experiences of the sixteen-year-old Holden in New York. Holden was a student who was thrown from the three previous schools. The novel is especially considerable because of the first person narrator of Holden, the head of Holden, as well as a different and testify to events. The Holden, who is knowledgeable about what is happening but is an unreliable narrator, talks about repeatedly from loyalty, the foreery of adulthood and their hypocrisy. In the interview he gave a high school newster in 1953, the “One Nevi” is autobiographical of the Salinger Novel and said:

The first reactions to the book were confused. While glorifying the New York Times Roma with the words “an unusually glossy first Novel”, criticism was focused on the monotonous language and religious, random sexual intercourse with random sexual intercourse. Novel caught popular success; reached eight prints in the second month of publication. The New York Times left in the Best Seller list during thirty weeks.

After the first success of the book, a period was decreased by its popularity. However, according to Ian Hamilton, the book was a book that all adolescents trying to break the crust in the end of the 1950s, was an indispensable handbook that the cool styles of the life may be learned. ” The book was compared with the Roman of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn’s adventures.

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