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According to him, the ore is what is kaim with its extract. Sky, stars, place water, fire, weather, like. Referring to the Harism, Ibn Mukafa, he also describes the ore in the same way. Harispensure attracts attention to whether the letter M is a double in the stem statement (KEM), attracts attention to whether or not they can be different. What is the quantity “? How much? It is everything that can be zikred in the answer to their questions, “describe this line (line) and time terms. Qualification according to him (Keyf), how is it? Everything that can be given as the answer to the question. The shape and conditions of the article, colors, dishes, odors, temperature, morality can be given to this category. The area is that the two things are compared to each other. Like the father-son, slave-master. Time is the thing that is relative to the past, now and the future. Yesterday, now, like tomorrow. The space is to be relatively relative to the space of something. At home, in the city, like the earth, in the world. The situation is to be in a situation such as being standing, sitting. 25 In other words, something is the communication of something that is according to something else. Lying, like sitting.26 The possession is that it is to be relative to or in an appropriate part of another body of an object. Like people have in a dress or armed. It is what accepts the effect of influence. The effect is to influence something to accept the impact. As a result of breaking the cutting is as a result of breaking the breaking .27 3.3. Perihermenias (propositions) states that the name of the name of Aristoteles is PiRihermenias and the name of Perianmenia is in the sense that the name, word and vineyard (RABITA) is in the sense. He addresses the name of the name, bond (RABITA), pronoun, promise, quantitative (sur), jurisdiction, proposition and proposition. According to him, Name, Zeyd, Halid does not go to a certain time such as a certain time, and a singular comprehension is a mold. The verb by the Arabian clers, by the logic of the verbs, and the statements that are considered to be considered to be a certain time and manava delivered by the logicists to the word, walks, walks, walks, such as the exemplary expressions. According to him, as the preliminary, in the preposition, they named the names and pronoun by nahivcians, I, if you are, you, as it. According to Harizmi, the promise (KLL), the name and word consisting of; The quantizer (sur) (sur), all, some, some are not phrases such as not. The jazz my promise is the commanding news, question, nida, etc. The things are the things. Harism, suggest-

Harism, Mefatihu’l-Ulum, p. 168. Necip Taylan, Logic History Problems, Istanbul 1996, p. 87. Harism, Age., P. 168. Harism, Mefatihu’l-Ulum, p. 169.

After giving the definition of the mesh, the qualifications, ie the positive, negative and quantities, ie, the definition of uncertain and modal propositions are also stopped on tical-propositions. According to him, the positive proposition is to show that something is constant for something as in the phrase “human is alive.”

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