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However, the situation is not the case, they show that they are only randomly marked. Because the subject of this name is not the only thing as the name showing the first point of review. As such, ZEYD and AMR only show what pointed to him. If human and animal, briefly species and breed, shows many things. However, they distinguish many things from others in the form of distinguishing a symptom in terms of distinguishing the white with white which is characterized by white. The species and breed were put to separate something from their self-owned things. However, the breed is more comprehensive than the type. Since there is a type of man, the live name also includes what the human name shows.

The absence of ten second chapters is one of the things specific to the category category. Because the person and the life of the life do not have. But its its feature shares the other categories. For example in quantity; The two elbow lengths or ten elbow lengths, and there are no other things that are in this case. However, you say that few in terms of quantity is membrane and the magnitude of the growth is the zındı. However, five, three and four types of discontinuous quantity are not opposed to each other.

The Thirt Third Chapter is less and most of the fact that they do not accept. With this, I do not mean that a review is not more worthy of the Töz. Because this is something that we demonstrate that the Töz individuals are more worthy of the to-process. Bilakis is that the kind and genus will not be loaded more than an individual to another individual; In the same way, I mean that one to an individual will not be loaded more than it is loaded in another time. Because Zeyd is not more alive than AMR, Zeyd is not more lively than tomorrow today. If this white thing is sometimes whiter than this white thing and it is whiter today than yesterday.

The fourteenth chapter is that they are to be accepting the opposite opposites as a single thing in terms of numbers are sometimes thought to be the primary property. This is open to my induction direction.

Because it is not possible to find something that is pointed to the number of opposite qualities in terms of accepting the opposite qualities. Because what is one of the white and black buyer in terms of the number of numbers, it has only one behavior that accepts the praise and the floor. This situation is valid in non-primary other categories. As for the proceedings, it is only accepting the opposite of things. For example, Zeyd pointed to it, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes warm and sometimes cold. Sometimes this induction is a doubt that is in terms of promise and zan, that is, the two of them (your prayer or zance) is sometimes the opposites accepted. As such, Zeyd is the word or ZAYD is right, Zeyd is wrong when Zeyd is wrong.

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