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A product is removed in nutrition, it is called sweetener. These sweeteners have a look at work as a lifestyle, so don’t gain weight, it goes out to the climax. When we say what is the security data, ‘We are not the security field we are not, we only produce. The work of the Gülük World Health Organization, you receive CEVA-BI. We used to ask if there is a sweetener when you go to a restaurant or the café. Now this type of places are placed on the pole front-museum. The exact taste is the same of the sugar? not. But it is cheaper. Several drops of sweetener warning!

46 can do a tanker water honey with sweetener. If you say cheap sugar, expensive health problems occur. Today everyone is lubricating in the ka-rache. When the turkey sweeteners, diet products has increased, such as increased health problems. The biggest reason for the lubricant of the caraci is the Egyptian syrup sweeteners. For example, when excess of saccharm is taken over, the urinary tract makes the blood-series. Those who use sweeteners have a confidence-coach important health problems. There are sweeteners within all the diet products we eat today. So let’s stay away from the diet product. Layt, instead of sweet and food, let’s consume a small amount of natural ones. The more the consumption decreases, how much these products are also reduced to our country. We need to be organized in this regard, we need to be conscious as society. If everyone is against the entering of these products, these products have prevented the laws that sting into our country. There is a very effective lobby that is ka-bulk in this way. There is no remedy except to be organized in the face of this lobby. Let us guide our family to the use of beet sugar that is natural to our environment. ” Let’s exit our beets Sugar-Business Union Branch President Oğuz Kalay, the beetroot and beet sugar in the front mini. The tin that does not have the ver -ige of the external oxygen of 1 acre is equivalent of the oxygen, which is equivalent to the 6 acres of jungle, “Beet is a non-only trash and non-destructive product. In contrast, while cleaning the air with the oxygen, it is not completely natural sugar obtained with the natural sugar, and it does not disturb our mouth and body. The risks that the risks of artificial sweeteners have taken the reactions of all world health circles and consumers with what they are discussing that these products in the UK is discussed in the UK, while the fact that these products are used in the illegal manufactured manufacturers in our country. The beet sugar is the most potent healthy food from completely natural ways, which are completely natural. Especially in recent years, the increase in demand-water and diet products are frequently seen in the diet products are also blows the unconscious use of chemical sweeteners. Gene technology is most used in Egypt, Kolese, soy, potato and cotton urea-tim. Because of the production of Egypt, there is a lot of food products such as soft drinks, juice, beer, confectionery, delight, baklava, beer, candy, delight, baklava, halva, don-stop, jam, biscuits, gum and ketchup as raw materials. 900 of the sofan is indicated that corn is used in 700 kinds of products, “he said.

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