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Turkcell communication in every step and showing the leadership and technology leadership in the field chasing the opportunity to contribute to Turkey. One of the most important goals of the Turkcell family is to produce the Turkish people to produce the technologies in the competitive world and create value added to the Turkish economy. In 2007, we wanted to complete the completion of the 3rd generation tender, then postponed in 2007. As we always say; current EU member and non-member countries have nominated Generation Infrastructure 3 in a single country, Turkey. This means that to remain Turkey’s 70 times slower in mobile communications. Yet generation infrastructure is not only in the telecommunications industry, but will bring to the revolutionary results in the Turkish economy, and will give a great acceleration to grow in our country. 3. Generation, local knowledge, technology use, export, employment and qualified labor force such as labor force. It will enable our young entrepreneurs to open to the world, will create important opportunities in the closure of the numerical cliff. We all know what the speed means. The speed is to increase our strength in international competition in each field. Thanks to the 3rd generation, the convenience of data and information will allow our industrialist to the competition in the international market at the international market under the competitors of the internationally.

As Turkcell, Turkey 3. We want to move to the new age of communication, starting with Generation. International competition pave the way for Turkey, we want to bring Turkey to a technology that is worthy of the service of our people. For this reason, we look forward to the 3rd Generation Infrastructure tender in 2008. Contribution to employment in Turkcell Turkey’s leading communications and technology company, since its establishment until the end of 2007, has invested $ 8 billion. These investments produced a solution of a nebze to the employment problem of the country I mentioned above. In 2006, Turkcell has a significant contribution to this area with the first major investment in Erzurum as the first major investment in Eastern provinces made in 2006 as the first major investment in Eastern provinces. The Erzurum Call Center, especially at Ataturk University, students who have learned at Ataturk University and the university graduates were close to 400. In the Turkcell 2007, Erzurum Call Center completed the additional service building, 350 gently has provided the work opportunity and has reached a total of 750 employees and the second largest employer of Erzurum. Don’t settle with that; In 2008, it will be in our agenda to contribute to employment with new investments in East and Southeastern Anatolia. We announce the name of Turkey in the world as I have mentioned above mobility, to believe the opportunities offered by broadband and convergence power is growing rapidly. so much the mobile industry has undertaken the leadership of Turkcell in Turkey quick and successful

The development of the world and foreign investors are also interested. Today, Turkey’s Turkcell, the first and only Turkish company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Forbes magazine shows Turkcell between 5 shares to be invested.

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